How to cancel an IMCERSO trip and get your money back

IMSERSO 2023-2024 has already started and those who wish to travel can book their trips until the end of this season, which has almost 900 000 places, which is about 70 000 more than in the previous season. Thus, a large number of retirees will be able to enjoy trips to the peninsula's coasts, islands, natural places or provincial capitals under the subsidy, receiving a significant discount.

However, it may happen that, for one reason or another, it is necessary to cancel a trip already booked. There is a way to do this and get your money back.

How to cancel a trip and demand a refund

First of all, it should be remembered that the marketing of IMSERSO trips is done through travel agencies and TurismoSocial and it is through them that the booking, cancellation and refund of the trip takes place.

If we have booked a trip at a travel agency, we must go there with a travel document and provide identification, the names of the people who made the reservation that you want to cancel and the five-digit reservation number.

On the other hand, if you booked online through TurismoSocial, you have to go to the website and in the "Requests" section (in the box in the left column) enter the ID of the person responsible for the reservation and click on "View my reservations". You must then enter the four-digit accreditation code. Once inside, select the reservation you wish to cancel and click on the "Cancel Reservation" button.

Continuing with the process to request a refund, after canceling your booking, you need to send the names and ID numbers of the passengers, information about the canceled trip and the 24 digits of the bank IBAN if you have paid by bank transfer. You also need to attach documents justifying the trip cancellation, such as a hospitalization certificate, death certificate or summons notice.

Finally, you will receive the money for the trip into the designated bank account, less a cancellation management fee of 6,20% of the total amount. Please note that additional fees may apply: if you cancel 10-15 days before your scheduled departure date, an additional 5% of the total amount will be charged; 10-3 days in advance, 15% of the total amount will be charged; and if you cancel within 48 hours before your trip, 25% of the total amount will be charged.

Travel with pleasure, but if something happens, do not worry, you can always find a way out of the situation.


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