Older people are invited to work at KFC in Europe

Age discrimination in the workplace is a serious problem faced by many older people around the world. However, there are companies that are breaking down barriers and hiring people of all ages, including seniors. One such company is the well-known fast food restaurant chain KFC.

In Europe, where age restrictions often prevent older people from getting jobs, KFC hires senior citizens. While societal norms dictate that people aged 60 and older should retire and enjoy their golden years, KFC is challenging this notion by offering seniors the opportunity to join its team.

Inspired by the success of its senior hiring program in other regions, KFC has expanded its initiative to Europe. The program encourages older people to work part-time alongside the KFC team, giving them the opportunity to gain new experiences and remain active participants in the workplace.

One inspiring example is the story of Tatay Roberto, a 77-year-old man who joined KFC through the hiring program. His journey exemplifies KFC's commitment to creating a more inclusive work environment where age is not a barrier to employment. Tatay Roberto's dedication and enthusiasm serve as proof that older people can make valuable contributions to the workforce.

Similarly, Nanay Chit, a 70-year-old employee of KFC Pureza, demonstrates the success of KFC's initiative. By hiring people of all ages, KFC fosters a culture of diversity and inclusion within its team.

KFC's senior hiring program not only provides seniors with a living wage, but also allows them to stay active, engaged and connected to their communities. By recognizing the talent and experience of seniors, KFC sets an example for other companies to follow.

In conclusion, age should never be a barrier to employment. KFC's commitment to hiring older people in Europe demonstrates the importance of creating inclusive workplaces where people of all ages can thrive. As society continues to evolve, companies need to support diversity and encourage the valuable contributions of older people in the workplace.


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