Unlock your potential: Job ideas for senior citizens

Many seniors may miss working in their professional field after decades of hard work and dedication. You may have had a successful career and dream of sharing your knowledge with the next generation. If you don't want to work full-time, it is possible to find a second job for seniors related to your previous career. Here are our job ideas for seniors that may inspire you.

Professional counsellor

  • Skills required: Business analysis, project management, data analysis, client liaison
  • Time commitment: Varies

Your experience and expertise in your field, gained through years of hard work and perseverance, can be a valuable asset. Do you love helping businesses and employees by providing personalised advice? If you've already worked in a corporate environment, moving into the consulting field presents a great opportunity for highly skilled individuals.

Companies often engage consultants for expert advice and guidance on specific issues. If you have specialised skills and knowledge, your rewards can be very significant. By deciding to become an independent consultant and solicit clients on your own, you will have the flexibility to manage your time and schedule.

Adjunct Professor

  • Skills required: Communication skills, organisational skills, interpersonal skills, computer skills, student assessment, student engagement, developing lesson plans
  • Time commitment: Depends on the number of courses you will be teaching during the semester

If you have a burning passion for teaching or once worked as a teacher, a career as an adjunct professor can be a good retirement job idea where you can share your experience and passions with young, ambitious students while only working part-time.

Typically, adjunct professors teach entry-level classes for undergraduate students. Your job will include basic professorial duties: planning lessons, developing syllabi, grading papers and tests, advising students on academic matters, and collaborating with other faculty members in your department.

Typically, a master's degree or higher is required for adjunct faculty positions. However, some community colleges may have openings where a bachelor's degree is sufficient. It is worth researching job postings to assess whether your education matches the requirements of the position.

Retired teaching jobs


  • Skills required: Bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, bookkeeping, computer skills
  • Time commitment: Full-time or varies

If you were in accounting or worked in other areas of finance during your career before retirement, working as an accountant can be a great and in-demand job. Accountants play a key role in keeping financial records for companies, making their role very important and necessary.

In the role of an accountant, you will be required to process incoming and outgoing financial transactions, perform payroll and invoicing, create various financial reports and check all financial records for accuracy and efficiency. To successfully carry out your duties, you will need skills in accounting software as well as a confident grasp of spreadsheets. Depending on the size of the company as well as its level of technology, the methods of work and tools used may vary.

Trainer or educator in the crafts industry

  • Skills required: Knowledge of your job (electrician, plumber, etc.)
  • Time commitment: Varies

Trades jobs are always in high demand, and if you've spent most of your adult life as an electrician, plumber, boilermaker or repairman, a second career as a coach or teacher in these trades may be attractive to you.

A career as a trainer or teacher in a particular professional field is one of the best job ideas for older people over 60: you will be able to share your in-depth knowledge and expertise in your field and inspire a new generation of professionals. It is advisable to contact your local vocational school to find out if there are any open positions for teachers or trainers.

Medical Biller

  • Required Skills: Accounts receivable, analysis, communication, computer literacy, customer service, document analysis, EHR systems, EMR systems, CPT coding
  • Time commitment: Full time

The job of a medical biller is highly sought after and involves managing the financial aspects of patients and overseeing insurance claims. While this job can be technical, if you have a background in healthcare or medicine, you can quickly learn the ins and outs of the job.

Most medical billers work in medical facilities such as clinics, hospitals, dental offices or specialty centres. Organised, responsive and efficient are required to be successful in this field. But most importantly, helping patients make sense of the complex health insurance system and providing support and understanding throughout the process.

Travel Blogger

  • Skills required: Communication skills, photography skills, computer skills
  • Time commitment: Flexible schedule

If you've always enjoyed travelling, taking photos or sharing your thoughts about the world, a career as a travel blogger could be the perfect job idea for retirees. You can create your own online blog on platforms like WordPress, Squarespace or Tumblr, where you can choose your own topics, conduct research (online or in real life), write articles and share them with your audience.

You can also contribute to other blogs by sending an email sharing your background, writing experience, and why you're a good fit for the role of content writer. To become a successful blogger, it's important to have strong writing skills, photography skills, and the drive to find your own unique voice and style.

Is it possible to become an artist after 60?


  • Skills required: Performing arts, music skills
  • Time commitment: Flexible schedule

Many seniors find not only enjoyment in their hobby, but also the opportunity to turn it into a fulfilling career. If you've always had a passion for music, consider monetising your musical talent and creating a career that is perfect for seniors. If you've dreamed of becoming the centre of attention, your later years may be the best time to do so. Start by building up a repertoire of songs that you enjoy performing in front of an audience, whether they are your own compositions or covers, and then find local venues where you can perform.

Alternatively, if you have an extensive background in music and a good music education, you could try your hand at teaching by offering private or group lessons in your local area. Music lessons are always in demand, especially among children and teenagers who are interested in music or do it as a hobby but are keen to learn more. Talk to your local music shop about the possibility of leading lessons or place adverts.


  • Skills required: Artistic direction, communication skills, customer service, organisational skills
  • Time commitment: Flexible schedule

Have you always been creative? Maybe you've enjoyed drawing, painting, creating pottery or jewellery and now is the time to start selling your creations and earning extra income from your craft.

At first, making money from crafts and art may not be fast. Try posting your crafts on Etsy, joining a local farmers market, or participating in arts and crafts fairs that feature local artists. To really promote your business, create business cards, set up social media accounts, and maybe even launch your own website (or get your grandson to help) to spread the word about your work and make online sales.

Retirement marks a new stage in life, full of opportunities. Don't let age stereotypes limit you. Use your wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to start a new career that will bring you satisfaction and allow you to contribute to society. I hope our job ideas for senior citizens have helped and inspired you.


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