11 Disney World jobs perfect for retirees

Retirement in today's world is not what it used to be. According to a study by the Center for Retirement Research, 40% of the boomer generation is preparing resumes and improving their skills to continue working past the age of 65.

Disney World employs 74 000 people who are, of course, called Cast Members. In addition to being a very fun place to work, Disney offers employees an array of incredible benefits including free park tickets and great discounts on food, merchandise, hotels and more. There are also perks like behind-the-scenes tours, employee parties, and offsite events. Here are 11 jobs at Walt Disney World that are perfect for retirees.

1. Parks landscapers

Some of the most popular employees. A park landscaper at Disneyland takes care of the greenery, flowers, lawns, and other landscaping elements in the park. If you have experience with plants or enjoy caring for them, this position may be a good fit for you.

2. Character Chaperone

A character attendant is essentially a liaison with guests. You'll relay information about show times, help characters with costumes, and assist with seating special guests. The chaperone has a front row seat to see all of the character's activities, but without the hassle of spending all day in character. If you love watching kids meet their favorite princesses, and generally being helpful, this role might suit you.

3. Boat Crew Member

Disney's three main parks are surrounded by water, so the park has an entire fleet of ferries, cruise ships, water cabs, and passenger vessels that transport guests from port to port. If you have boat driving experience and dream of making your weekdays filled with magic aboard the Friendship I, this job may be just for you.

4. First Aid Station Medical Officer

Small scrapes and bruises are bound to happen in a park filled with excited kids. This role is particularly appealing because most injuries in the park require nothing more than a bandage and band-aid, and medical experience is a huge bonus. In addition, first aid stations are air-conditioned and there is little walking or working outdoors.

5. Porters

Lobby attendants hold the privileged position of making sure every Disneyland visitor has all the information, keys, passes, and packages they need to enjoy their vacation. Just as when greeting guests, people with service experience are best suited for this role.

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6. Streetcar Driver

All Disney World guests know that walking from the parking lot to the transportation and ticket center is no easy feat. That's why streetcar drivers are so important to the park and to guests' first impressions of Disney. This is a great job for those who may also be considering Uber or Lyft options, as the hours are routine and guests are (most likely) sober.

7. Bartender

Yes, Disney World is primarily geared toward kids, but adults tend to bring those kids. And these days, more and more adults without kids are visiting Disney World on their own. This means there is a demand for cocktails, and Disney needs people who can make classic drinks like gimlets. This job is great for retirees with experience in the restaurant or bar business, as well as those with excellent communication skills and the ability to handle cocktail shakers.

8. Attraction Worker

If you already love everything about the Walt Disney World resort, chances are you'll also do a great job as an attraction attendant. This job is for the enthusiastic and knowledgeable, as you'll be answering questions, taking tickets, and helping guests make magic right where the action is.

9. Front Desk Operator

If you want to contribute to a joyful experience for all Disney guests, but don't feel ready for a greeting role, this job may be for you. Entrance operators are in charge of scanning magic wristbands, checking bags, and ensuring that every park visitor has tickets. This is a great choice for those who are looking to be helpful but don't want to spend all day on their feet.

10. Ticket Vendor

Like attraction workers, ticket sellers are in an air-conditioned room and usually see guests at their most excited and eager. This is a great job for any retiree, but if you've ever worked in sales or customer service, you'll be especially effective here.

11. Monorail or train conductor

This is exactly the kind of job that kids dream about when they grow up. And, you know, it's also a great opportunity for those who have been adults for a while. A valid driver's license is required to work as a train and monorail conductor, and experience in the travel industry would be an advantage, though not necessary. Your job is to ensure that Disney World guests are transported safely and comfortably from one stop to the next, all without leaving Disney's most popular mode of transportation. Who wouldn't love an opportunity like this?

Retirement is a great opportunity to start a new career and make your life even more interesting and fulfilling.


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