Work after 60: 14 companies for a successful career

Regardless of your reason for looking for a job in old age, finding the right employer is a key factor in reaching your financial goals and fulfilling your retirement dreams.

Here's a list of 14 places that actively offer seniors a variety of job opportunities, including positions ideal for senior citizens and older workers.

Walt Disney World

If you're excited about Disney, love interacting with kids and families, and prefer to spend time outdoors, Walt Disney World offers not only an opportunity to plan for your retirement, but also a dream job.

Various positions are common at Disney parks, such as greeting visitors, ready to answer any questions, tram drivers, ticket sellers, and photographers playing character roles.


In 2019, McDonald's became the first national fast food restaurant chain to partner with AARP to recruit seniors and retired citizens for thousands of job openings.

This partnership with AARP opens new opportunities for seniors and older citizens by providing them with a wide range of job opportunities and keeping them active in the workforce.

Ace Hardware

As one of the employers partnering with AARP, Ace Hardware recognises the value of the accumulated experience older workers have gained over many years of working life.

Your unique expertise gained from successfully renovating your own home can be a valuable asset in a cashier or sales position.

If there is no Ace Hardware shop in your area, you can look at alternative home renovation companies such as Home Depot or Lowe's that may also value your experience and skills.

American Airlines

Do you want to be part of a fast-paced social environment and travel around the world?

A flight attendant role at American Airlines (or another major airline) can offer you the opportunity to stay active and mobile, freeing you from being tied to a desk and a routine standard schedule. But your health is very important for this job.


Prefer a flexible work schedule that you can choose for yourself without being tied to someone else's schedule?

DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats offer the opportunity to become a contract driver where you determine your own hours, choose your own orders, and receive all tips directly.

American Management Services

If you're passionate about helping people and putting your experience to work, working at American Management Services can be a great way to earn while gaining job satisfaction.

American Management Services specialises in recruiting consultants for business owners in industries ranging from trucking to construction and many more. They help companies increase profits and identify cash flow problems, making your work meaningful and important.


Walgreens stands out for its deep commitment to hiring mature employees who bring a wealth of experience to their jobs, especially in the area of soft skills that can be developed over a lifetime.

Among the jobs offered by Walgreens for older workers are pharmacy jobs for experienced technicians, as well as sales and cashier positions for those who are ready to actively interact with customers.

Walgreens job openings for retirees


Would you like to toil in a relaxed, customer service environment at a company with an excellent reputation that values work-life balance?

Various positions at Staples may fit these criteria. Like many other employers, Staples has partnered with AARP, which underscores its commitment to quality older workers as well as senior citizens.


The YMCA has the word 'youth' in its name, but this organisation offers equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of age or status. Most YMCA and YWCA sports complexes offer sports programmes geared towards seniors.

While instructors may be of different ages, it is important that they understand the needs of their students and can tailor classes accordingly.

AMC Theatres

While streaming services have become popular, many people still appreciate watching a movie on the big screen in a theatre instead of sitting on the couch at home.

AMC is always looking for cashiers, concession stand employees, and caretakers (as well as band managers and, in some areas, bartenders).

The company also offers flexible hours, allowing you to choose convenient times to work, making it an attractive choice for seniors who need a part-time job.

U.S. Census Bureau

Collecting, verifying and organising the demographic data of millions of Americans every ten years is a formidable mission that requires a huge amount of effort.

That's why the U.S. Census Bureau needs qualified and competent employees to plan and conduct the census every decade.

They strive to hire employees from a variety of age groups and cultural backgrounds to ensure that they accurately reflect the demographic diversity of the country.


The American Automobile Association, a non-profit organisation that employs over 45,000 people, is known to most people for its roadside assistance programs and travel discounts. However, few people know that AAA also offers home and auto insurance in most states.

Regardless of your experience - whether you're an insurance broker or a mechanic on the road - you have the opportunity to find a job with AAA.

MGM Resorts International

MGM Resorts operates famous high-end resorts around the world, such as the Bellagio and Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas Strip. However, in addition to luxury hotels, it also includes casinos, restaurants, fine dining and a wide range of entertainment events, from golf tournaments to pop star concerts.

Among MGM's many job openings are marketing specialists, concierges, lost and found operators, service personnel and more. If you are passionate about travel and want to work in this exciting industry, you should consider MGM jobs in different states and even countries.

MGM Resorts International job openings for retirees


If you adore pets and want to apply your love for animals to help others, then Rover is the perfect place for you. It is a platform that connects pet owners with experienced pet sitters.

With flexible working hours, you can schedule your own time and take care of your pets at your convenience. Your care and attention will benefit you as well as the pets and their owners, making the experience mutually enjoyable and beneficial.

Bottom line

If you didn't find the right employer on our list, don't worry as jobs for seniors are available in many industries. Here are a few sources where you can find job openings:

  • AARP: Visit the AARP website to access a job board with jobs specifically for seniors.
  • Indeed: This site offers a wide range of job openings in a variety of industries and regions, including options that may be suitable for older workers.
  • ZipRecruiter: ZipRecruiter also provides a variety of job postings, including those that may be of interest to seniors, and offers easy searches by keyword and location.
  • LinkedIn: Even if you're retired, LinkedIn can be a useful tool for your job search. Many companies post job openings here, and you can use your profile to attract the attention of potential employers.
  • Specialised resources: There are also specialised websites and programmes aimed at finding jobs for older people. Look online or contact local employment services to find out about such opportunities in your area.


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