Senior Village: the perfect place to enjoy retirement

Senior Villages are truly comfortable homes located in a green and safe environment. These non-medical homes are ideal for people over the age of 60 who want to maintain their independence while living in a place with all the amenities, services and communal areas. Often located outside of the city, senior villages allow seniors to combat isolation by hosting friends and family and going on vacations.

However, in order for the atmosphere of a senior village to remain warm and friendly, a number of community rules must be followed. In terms of pricing, renting is the most common option, but some retirement villages also offer homes for purchase. In addition to rent or housing costs, residents must pay rent to maintain common areas and for services and activities not included in the package.

What are the features of retirement villages?

The single-storey, detached houses are equipped to meet the specific needs of the elderly and provide optimal security: equipped kitchen, functional bedrooms, adapted bathroom, etc. The main advantage of a senior settlement is that you can enjoy safe, comfortable housing and at the same time benefit from a selected social life, services and activities.

There are also daily services such as:

  •  Laundry services;
  •  Meal delivery;
  •  dining services;
  •  Domestic help;
  •  Gym and swimming pool;
  •  Sports and leisure activities.

All services not included in the package are a la carte. In addition to daily services, seniors can participate in activities, games and creative workshops. The Senior Village is an organized structure that provides a comfortable life for residents.

Senior Village: an alternative to EHPAD?

Although the senior village is designed for people over 60, it focuses on independent retirees, whereas EHPAD is a medical structure that can take care of people who are dependent or losing their independence. After the nursing home scandals and investigations, EHPAD's image has deteriorated. That is why retirement villages are springing up all over the world.

These open, safe structures offer a real alternative for retirees who prefer to live in a good friendly environment.


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