Seasonal jobs for senior citizens

Many seniors are looking for temporary employment to add variety to their lives before the cold weather sets in or to earn extra money for the upcoming holidays. Seasonal work offers flexibility and the opportunity to expand your skills in a dynamic work environment. If you are an older adult who is considering temporary employment, it is recommended that you explore the benefits and tips for finding seasonal work.

What is seasonal work?

Seasonal work is a type of job that does not involve permanence throughout the year. Such work is usually done at a certain time each year when there is an increased demand for labour. For example, many golf clubs employ seasonal workers at the beginning of the golf season, and as business slows down, the demand for temporary workers also decreases.

Benefits of Seasonal Work

Seasonal jobs provide seniors with a number of benefits. First, they allow them to remain an active participant in the workforce and the community while maintaining and even developing their professional skills. This experience can contribute to personal and professional growth, as well as provide an additional source of income.

For seniors who are actively seeking full-time, permanent employment, seasonal work can be beneficial by filling in the time gaps between job search and employment. It also helps maintain financial stability as earnings continue while looking for a permanent job.

Additionally, seasonal positions can help fill gaps in your resume. If you are trying to find a permanent job but are struggling due to a lack of experience in your desired position, experience in a temporary seasonal position can greatly enhance your CV.

When choosing a seasonal job, it's worth considering your long-term career goals. For example, if you're aiming for a career in retail management, a cashier job can give you valuable experience with cash register equipment and customers.

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Tips for seasonal jobs

Are you interested in a seasonal job? Here are some tips that may help you find the right position for you:

Start your search early

Employers are eager to prepare for busy periods. Therefore, it's important to start your search for seasonal work well in advance of the season. For example, for summer jobs, spring is the best time to search, and if you need a job for the holidays, it's best to start looking for positions as early as autumn.

Use online search tools

These days, most employers post their job openings online. By using keywords that best describe the type of seasonal job you want, you can find relevant listings. For example, if you are interested in a seasonal retail job, you can use search terms like "seasonal retail job". Also include your location to find job openings in your area.

Many search engines offer advanced search options that help you identify the types of jobs available. This tool helps narrow your search to seasonal, temporary or part-time jobs.

If you are interested in working for a particular company, look for seasonal openings directly on their website. If there are no open positions there, it is recommended that you contact the company by phone or email to express your interest to the hiring manager.

Think outside the box

While many retail shops actively hire during the holiday season, seasonal work isn't just about limiting retail positions. There are many other options for temporary seasonal work both around the holidays and other times of the year.

During your search for seasonal work, you don't have to limit yourself. Consider the opportunities that seasonal work offers and don't limit yourself to previous experience or professional direction. Seasonal work can be both a lucrative and exciting experience for seniors and anyone looking for variety.

Seasonal jobs present a great opportunity to step outside of the ordinary and earn extra money. Here are just a few of the seasonal job options to consider:

  • Retail;
  • Restaurant;
  • Helping at sports games (ticket sales, concessions, officiating);
  • Leaf and snow removal;
  • Health Care Enrollment;
  • Tax preparation;
  • Harvesting and working in agriculture;
  • Helping at local festivals;
  • Tutoring for children;
  • Driver;
  • Park worker;
  • Housekeeper or pet sitter;
  • Event staff.

Target your CV to seasonal work

If you're interested in seasonal work, feel free to stand out from other applicants by stating this on your CV and cover letter.

Emphasise your enthusiasm for seasonal work and outline your goals for seasonal employment. Summarise how your professional experience and plans will make you a suitable candidate for the seasonal position. Think about your motivations for seeking seasonal employment in advance, as this will help you to confidently answer possible difficult interview questions. Remember that seasonal work can be a stepping stone to permanent, full-time employment, so start with a truly positive attitude.

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Q: What types of seasonal jobs are available to seniors?
A: There are many different types of seasonal jobs available to seniors, including:

  • Retail: This may include working as a cashier, sales assistant, gift wrapper or merchandiser.
  • Restaurants: This may include positions as waiters, bartenders, cooks, dishwashers and cleaners.
  • Events: Seasonal events such as fairs, festivals and sporting events often need help in areas such as ticketing, access control, cleaning and food service.
  • Hospitality: Hotels and resorts may hire seasonal employees for front desk, housekeeping, room service and other positions.
  • Landscaping: This may include lawn care, planting, weeding, watering and leaf removal tasks.
  • Administrative positions: Seasonal administrative positions may include office work, answering phones, data entry and technical support.

 Q: How can seniors find seasonal jobs?
 A: There are several ways to find seasonal jobs:

  • Search the Internet: Use search engines and job sites to find seasonal jobs in your area.
  • Contact local businesses: Directly contact shops, restaurants, and other businesses in your area to see if they offer seasonal jobs.
  • Visit staffing agencies: Staffing agencies can help you find seasonal jobs that match your skills and experience.
  • Ask friends and family: Let your friends and family know that you are looking for seasonal jobs. They may know of job openings you don't know about.
  • Attend job fairs: Job fairs are a great way to meet employers who are hiring seasonal employees in person.

 Q: What are the benefits of seasonal work for seniors?
 A: Seasonal work can have a number of benefits for seniors, including:

  • Extra income: Seasonal work can be a great way to earn extra money, especially around the holidays or in between looking for a permanent job.
  • Socialisation: Seasonal work can help older people stay socially active and interact with others.
  • New skills: Seasonal work can provide an opportunity to develop new skills or expand existing ones.
  • Work experience: Seasonal work can be valuable work experience to add to a CV.
  • Flexibility: Seasonal work is often flexible, allowing seniors to work on their own schedule.

 Q: What advice do you have for seniors when looking for seasonal work?

  • Start your search early: Seasonal jobs often fill up quickly, so it's important to start your search early.
  • Be prepared for an interview: Practice your answers to common interview questions and be prepared to talk about your experience and skills.
  • Be professional: Dress professionally for interviews and communicate politely with employers.
  • Be flexible: Be willing to work a variety of schedules and tasks.
  • Be positive: Show enthusiasm and a positive attitude about work.

 Q: Where can I find more information about seasonal jobs for seniors?
 A: There are many resources where you can find more information about seasonal work for seniors, including:

  • Ministry of Labour and Social Security.
  • Employment Promotion Association.


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