Easy part-time work for pensioners

If you're looking for an easy part-time job for seniors, rest assured: there are many occupations for seniors over 50 that don't require intensive work for 40 hours a week.

Shuttle driver

  • Median hourly wage/median salary: $16.32 per hour
  • Skills Needed: Driving, customer service, communication skills
  • Time commitment: Flexible schedule

In the gig-economy, the ideal career for seniors is working in the DMV, especially as a driver for a platform like Lyft, Uber, or food delivery services like DoorDash, GrubHub, or UberEats. In this field, you set your own schedule, work your own hours, and earn at a time that works for you.

If you live in a city, the demand for these drivers is always high. In rural areas, it can be a little harder to find regular customers. The responsibilities of a driver working through a ride booking app include being safe and professional, keeping the car clean, and being friendly with passengers. If you enjoy socialising with people and exploring the city you work in, working as a driver can be a great job. It is also up to you to decide how long you want to work.

Administrative Assistant

  • Median hourly wage/median salary: $17.23 per hour
  • Required Skills: Accounting, administrative experience, clerical experience, communication skills, computer skills, data entry, customer service
  • Time commitment: Varies

Another great easy part-time job for retirees over the age of 50 is working as an administrative assistant. Administrative assistants handle a wide range of clerical and administrative tasks, from taking phone calls and handling emails to helping colleagues and organising meetings. Almost every company has administrative assistants who play an important role in keeping day-to-day operations efficient.

If you are organised, professional and energetic, working as an administrative assistant could be an exciting job for you. Alternatively, you may find a job in a company or small business where your contribution will be valued and you can contribute to the day-to-day operations and long-term success of the organisation.

Administrative assistant vacancy for retirees

Virtual Assistant

  • Median hourly wage/median salary: $15.79 per hour
  • Skills required: Answering phones, bookkeeping, customer support, social media, proofreading and editing, scheduling
  • Time commitment: Flexible schedule

In today's world, millions of small business entrepreneurs are turning to virtual assistants to keep their businesses in good shape. One of the main benefits of working as a virtual assistant is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home. You only need a computer, a mobile phone and a flexible schedule to assist your clients when they need it.

Some virtual assistants work as freelancers, while others prefer to work with companies or agencies to get stable employment. Virtual assistants typically perform duties similar to administrative assistants: managing schedules, answering phones, doing bookkeeping, maintaining social media profiles, and even editing or proofreading emails or content.

Freelance writer

  • Median hourly wage/median salary: $23.27 per hour
  • Skills required: Writing skills, communication skills, computer skills, research skills
  • Time commitment: Flexible schedule

If your love of words is close to your heart, consider a career as a freelance writer. Freelance writers most often work as independent professionals, providing clients with writing services in a variety of genres. They can help companies and small businesses create blog posts, marketing materials, social media content, internal posts, promotional texts, scripts for videos, and more.

One of the main benefits of working as a freelance writer in adulthood is the ability to create your own schedule, collaborate with interesting clients, and support a variety of brands and companies. If you have previously worked in content, communications or have experience in writing, working as a freelance writer may be the perfect choice for you.

Remember that finding an easy part-time job in adulthood can be not only a way to earn extra income, but also a path to personal growth, self-fulfilment and new interesting acquaintances.


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