Review of MultiMarketsFX Forex scammers activity

Forex trading has become a popular method for individuals to profit from various currency exchanges. However, the world of Forex is not devoid of fraudulent entities, and today we delve into an examination of one such entity, MultiMarketsFX. We aim to shed light on the dubious practices of this broker and provide you with a cautionary tale of Forex scams.

The Deceptive Facade of MultiMarketsFX

In the digital age, a company's website is often representative of its credibility. Unfortunately, MultiMarketsFX's online presence does more to raise red flags than to inspire confidence.

Website Analysis

The website of MultiMarketsFX is largely absent from popular search engines, suggesting a hasty and poorly executed development. Text blocks are riddled with errors, irrelevant external links, and a conspicuous lack of company information. The website lacks legal documents, registration information, and support contact details.

MultiMarketsFX does not have its trading terminal, instead promoting an unidentified application for trading in the stock market. Moreover, their mobile trading platform is woefully underdeveloped, with a plethora of negative online reviews to attest to this fact. These factors collectively suggest that MultiMarketsFX may be a fraudster.

Company Background

MultiMarketsFX emerged on the scene only a month ago and has already found its way onto the blacklists of major international registrars. The company operates with no regulatory oversight, and there have been no recorded payouts. Client complaints consistently highlight unprofessional behavior, with services seemingly reserved for those registered in Switzerland.

MultiMarketsFX: A Master of Manipulation

MultiMarketsFX engages in a variety of unethical practices, from news falsification to technical manipulation.

Contractual Misconduct

The company lacks a comprehensively formulated user agreement, fails to adhere to contracts, and levies additional charges. Their representatives initiate contact, persistently calling from various numbers. The company does not provide financial reports, and reaching their support services seems an impossible task.

Risky Business

MultiMarketsFX does not inform clients about potential risks, and their quotations significantly deviate from market standards. They extract money from individuals while violating market ethical principles. Clients' data remains unprotected, posing a potential risk of being transferred to malicious parties. The security of payments is also questionable, as fund transfers are encouraged through unverified systems.

Indicators of a Forex Trading Scam

Aside from the poor website and lack of registration, MultiMarketsFX exhibits several classic signs of a Forex scam.

Cold Calls and Aggressive Behavior

The company practices 'cold calling', aggressively dialing clients from various numbers. They also actively send emails and social media messages. The overall behavior is overly aggressive and intrusive. The support service shows no response to queries, and there is psychological pressure from the company representatives.

Red Flags

Here are some reasons to steer clear from MultiMarketsFX:

  • Unbelievably low rates
  • Absence of fixed commissions
  • Delayed order execution
  • Automatic cancellation of trades
  • Additional charges not specified in the contract
  • Invisibility on search engines
  • Issues with the user agreement
  • Recent emergence (only a month old)
  • Price manipulation
  • Hidden documents
  • Services mainly available to those registered in Switzerland
  • Lack of regulatory control
  • Promises of instant profit
  • Intrusive behavior
  • Publication of false statistics

The broker violates existing standards, fails to make payments, and has a tarnished reputation.

The Verdict: MultiMarketsFX, a Scammer to Avoid

The legitimacy of MultiMarketsFX is questionable due to the lack of evidence of legal operation. There are numerous negative reviews accusing the service of dishonesty and lack of payouts. The broker seemingly uses bots to inflate ratings and publish identical positive reviews. The company's history is riddled with inconsistencies and unverifiable moments.

Their registration cannot be verified, but it is known that they periodically manipulate prices, create artificial demand, and generate false signals for investors. Although the broker offers leverage, the terms are unclear.


MultiMarketsFX is a scammer who regularly publishes false data and fictitious analytical reports, misleading traders. They also employ 'spoofing' to create the illusion of a drop in value, mimicking futures orders to generate artificial demand. MultiMarketsFX extracts funds, fails to disclose risks, and encourages the use of unreliable payment systems. Exercise caution and make informed decisions to avoid falling victim to such Forex trading scams.


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