Working after retirement

For every working person, retirement age is the ultimate goal. The vast majority look forward to it so that they can start a hassle-free life and finally enjoy old age. But there are some who, even though they can do without it, still want to continue working after retirement.

The reasons for this can be many: passion for their work, a desire to earn money and make it to retirement, or just looking for a job (even part-time) so that they don't get bored at home.

Do you want to retire and continue working?

First of all, you need to know what the rules are for working in retirement, what the legislation and tax authorities require. It's better to avoid problems with part-time work at 60, isn't it?

Secondly, you will need ideas on how to work after retirement. Some jobs are better suited to older age than others, when experience is plentiful and the body needs to be taken care of (yes, there are opportunities for retirees working from home).

Is it possible to retire while still working?

The first is simple, but basic: in order to formalize a pension, you must first stop your current employment. This is a formality, but it is impossible to retire and continue working at the same time. After a successful application, the retiree can be re-employed in a salaried job or return to their own business.

Combining pension and labor income

The second rule to know is that the income earned in a new job at retirement can be combined with a pension check.

Working after retirement: do I have to pay contributions?

Pensioners who continue to work must still pay contributions to INPS for their employment. This is not only to be in order and not to work illegally, but also for the benefit of the pensioner, as the contributions paid increase the amount of the pension check. Thus, working in retirement allows you to earn twice: once through labor income, and the second time through an increase in the old-age pension. However, the check increase is not automatic, but optional:

  • after 2 years for those who have already reached retirement age;
  • after 5 years - for employees who have formalized early retirement.

Labor contracts for pensioners

Those who want to work in retirement, can do so both as an individual entrepreneur and as an employee. Usually, special employee contracts are preferred for the retiree. As a rule, given the age, part-time cooperation is preferred over 8-hour contracts.

An alternative option is to set up your own business and work after retirement with a VAT number. In this case, there are no restrictions for pensioners: the same rules apply as for the self-employed, including the possibility of opening a VAT number when switching to the flat tax rate.


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