Best jobs for seniors: Activity and sports

Active seniors who are looking for a second job may enjoy finding a new occupation that prioritises exercise, activity and fitness. Consider the best jobs for active seniors.

Dog walker or pet sitter

  • Median hourly wage/median salary: $13.15 per hour
  • Skills needed: Love of animals, knowledge of animal care, customer service skills, leadership skills
  • Time commitment: Varies

One of the best jobs for retirees can be as a dog walker or pet sitter. If you have always had a passion for animals and a desire to take care of them, this job may be the best choice, especially if you prefer an active lifestyle. Working with dogs can vary depending on the individual preferences of the owners. Some prefer a pet sitter to live with their pet overnight, providing them with company, while others limit themselves to daily walks.

As a dog walker or pet sitter, it is essential to have experience in caring for pets, a love of playing with them, performing hygiene procedures and overseeing their nutrition and hygiene. This job also offers the opportunity to network with other pet lovers, spending time in their company.

Health Coaching

  • Median hourly wage/median salary: $18.07 per hour
  • Skills Needed: Communication skills, health coaching, motivational speaking
  • Time commitment: Flexible schedule

Yes, working as a health coach can be a great choice for seniors who are passionate about food and healthy living. Healthy lifestyle coaches establish a close rapport with clients, providing support and guiding them towards optimal health through personalised diet and lifestyle recommendations.

The concept of healthy living has become very popular and health coaches play a significant role in this. In their work, they develop strategies tailored to each client's individual desires and goals, collaborate with other health professionals to support clients' progress, and provide guidance on diet, physical activity, nutrition and more.

Fitness Instructor

  • Median hourly wage/median salary: $22.37 per hour
  • Skills needed: Body mechanics, interpersonal skills, dance, weight lifting, group fitness, leadership
  • Time commitment: Varies

For active seniors who are passionate about sports and taking care of their health, working as a fitness instructor can be a great second job. Fitness instructors teach a variety of classes including yoga, Pilates, cycling, strength training, Zumba, barre and more. Perhaps you have been involved in sports all your life and are looking to apply your experience to a new career, or you simply enjoy helping others achieve better results for their physical and emotional well-being.

Fitness instructors are usually responsible for designing exercise programmes, running individual or group classes, teaching proper exercise technique and helping clients achieve their goals. For most fitness instructors, the key aspect is to create a motivating and positive atmosphere that inspires others to do better.

Nanny jobs for pensioners


  • Median hourly wage/median salary: $20.55 per hour
  • Skills Needed: Nanny, childcare, childcare experience, childcare, first aid, infant care
  • Time commitment: Flexible schedule

If you are an active person and enjoy spending time with the younger generation, consider babysitting. This is always a sought-after job and the best choice for seniors. You will be able to help a busy family provide care for children who need an extra caregiver. Nanny jobs offer flexible schedules and a variety of responsibilities, depending on the family you are working with.

Typically, a nanny's role includes playing with children, helping with homework, preparing meals, and taking care of household chores. This job is ideal for those who adore children or have experience working with younger age groups and relish the opportunity to influence the development of future personalities.

The options for the best jobs for retirees presented in this article are only a small part of the many opportunities available to active seniors. With the right approach, you can find a job that suits your interests, skills and lifestyle, and will bring you not only financial but also moral satisfaction.


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