Areastandart: Forgeries and fraud on the Forex market

Areastandart is not a reliable Forex broker

Areastandart is far from being a reliable broker in the Forex market. A lot of clients have encountered unscrupulous practices of this company, which indicates that it is untrustworthy and unreliable. In this article, we will look at all the main aspects that indicate that Areastandart is a scammer, and you should avoid working with it.

Inaccurate information and lack of documents

One of the first signs that Areastandart is a scammer is the lack of legal and contact information on their website. The company does not provide their legal documents and licenses, which raises serious doubts about their legitimate activities. Moreover, there are no contact details on the website, and it is almost impossible to get in touch with the support team. This is a clear signal that Areastandart does not want to be a transparent and open company.

Manipulations and falsifications

Areastandart is known for their manipulations and falsifications in the Forex market. They artificially raise or lower asset prices by creating false signals for traders. This allows them to attract potential investors and manipulate their trust. In addition, the company regularly publishes false data and information to hide their questionable practices. All this indicates that Areastandart is not a reliable and honest broker.

"Areastandart is an unscrupulous company that does not meet the standards of the Forex market. They manipulate prices and falsify information to attract traders and get money from them. Do not fall for their deceptive tricks and avoid working with them." - notes one of the experienced traders.

Negative reviews and lack of payouts

A lot of negative reviews about Areastandart indicate that the company does not provide its clients with payouts and is not serious in its commitments. Customers complain that they cannot get their funds, as the withdrawal request is simply ignored. The support service also does not respond in any way to appeals, which causes additional distrust in Areastandart. Some reviews also note the persistent behavior of the company's employees and a large amount of spam that comes from Areastandart on a daily basis. This is further confirmation that Areastandart is a scammer and should not be dealt with.

Unbelievable terms and hidden fees

Areastandart offers its customers implausible terms and conditions, including unrealistic commissions and paid training. Many traders complain that the company's terms and conditions do not match reality and lead to large losses. In addition, Areastandart does not clearly spell out its user agreement, which can lead to unintended consequences for clients. All this indicates that Areastandart is not an honest and transparent broker.


Areastandart is a fraudulent company that uses unfair practices in the Forex market. Lack of documents, price manipulation, falsifications and negative reviews all indicate that Areastandart should not be trusted. If you are looking for a reliable Forex broker, it is recommended that you turn to other trusted companies that adhere to all standards and provide quality services.


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