Jardines: How to recognize and avoid scams

Unregulated broker

The first sign that Jardines is a scam broker is that it is not regulated by any financial regulator. This means that the company has no responsibility to its customers and is free to defraud them.

Unlike regulated brokers who are bound by strict rules and standards, unregulated brokers can do whatever they want. They can use false promises, hidden commissions and other fraudulent methods to cheat their clients.

False promises

Jardines promises their clients high profits with minimal risks. This is unrealistic and is a sign of fraud. No broker can guarantee high profits, and anyone who promises this is most likely scamming you.

For example, Jardines claims that its clients can make profits of up to 100% per month. This is simply impossible, and anyone who believes this is an easy prey for scammers.

Hidden fees

Jardines charges clients hidden commissions that can quickly eat into their profits. These fees are often hidden in the fine print, so it's important to read the terms of the contract carefully before opening an account.

For example, Jardines may charge account opening fees, account maintenance fees, withdrawal fees, and other fees. These fees can be significant and can eat up your profits quickly.

Negative reviews

You can find many negative reviews about Jardines online. These reviews suggest that the company is scamming its customers.

For example, many Jardines customers complain that the company does not allow them to withdraw their money. Others complain that the company has blocked their accounts without explanation.

Here are a few more details that confirm that Jardines is a fraudulent broker:

  • The company uses aggressive marketing to attract potential customers. These advertisements often contain false or misleading claims that the company can help traders get rich quick.

For example, Jardines often publishes online ads with headlines like "How to Make a Million in Forex in One Month." These ads are designed to attract people who are hungry for quick and easy profits.

  • Jardines uses unprofessional sales techniques, often employing psychological pressure and spreading misinformation.

For example, Jardines employees often call potential customers and persuade them to open an account using false or misleading statements.

  • The company uses fake reviews to create the illusion of a successful company. These reviews are often written by Jardines employees or affiliates.

For example, Jardines often publishes testimonials from satisfied customers on its website. However, these reviews are often fake and written by the company's employees themselves.


Based on the above, we can conclude that Jardines is a fraudulent Forex broker that cannot be trusted. If you want to trade Forex, it is important to choose a regulated Forex broker with a transparent commission policy and good reviews.

How to avoid Forex scams

To avoid Forex scams, it is important to follow the following rules:

  • Choose only regulated brokers. Regulated brokers are bound by strict rules and standards that protect the interests of clients.
  • Do not trust promises of high profits. No broker can guarantee high profits, and anyone who promises this is likely to cheat you.
  • Read contract terms carefully before opening an account. Make sure you understand all commissions and other terms and conditions associated with trading with that broker.
  • Avoid aggressive marketing offers. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you receive an offer from Jardines, be cautious. Do not open an account with this broker or you risk losing your money.


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