Arrow Capitals: Steering You Astray With False Promises

You may have heard of Arrow Capitals, but is it a legit Forex broker, or is it a scam? Unfortunately, this company is another unregulated Forex broker with a lot of warning signs that should not be ignored. If you want to trade Forex or CFDs, we encourage you to do so only with regulated brokers. We advise you to read our review entirely to check out the points we uncovered and understand the risks of trading with unregulated Forex brokers such as Arrow Capitals.

Arrow Capitals Claim to Fame

Arrow Capitals claims to be an "award-winning" Forex broker that offers over 200 tradeable instruments, including currencies, commodities, indices, and shares. Despite the seemingly attractive trading offer, Arrow Capitals is not regulated by any reputable financial authority. In fact, it turns out that Arrow Capitals is owned by Max Success Ltd., which operates another shady Forex broker named Safe Holdings. Trading with unregulated brokers is a significant risk and can result in severe financial losses.

Critical Points About Arrow Capitals

Here are some critical points you need to know about Arrow Capitals:

  1. No Regulation or Legal Registration — As we examined Arrow Capitals more closely, we found that the broker is not authorized or regulated by any regulatory body. This is a severe concern for traders' protection and means that investors have no recourse to any regulatory body if something goes wrong.
  2. Risky Trading Conditions — Arrow Capitals offers a selection of three trading accounts. However, the spread on EUR/USD rises as high as 1.6 pips on their "standard" account with no commission. This spread is far higher than the average in the industry and would cause traders to struggle to be profitable.
  3. No Transparency — This lack of transparency continues with Arrow Capitals offering little to no information on their website about the trading conditions, fees, and asset index. A lack of transparency is often a significant red flag in the Forex industry, as it may indicate that the broker is trying to hide something.
  4. Aggressive Marketing — Like many other shady Forex brokers, Arrow Capitals relies on aggressive marketing tactics to attract new clients. When you land on their homepage, you'll be greeted by a "Crypto Infinity" scheme that promises you can "Earn cryptocurrency every hour." Similar schemes often turn out to be fraudulent and are used to lure unsuspecting victims.
  5. Linked to Other Unregulated Brokers — Our research discovered that Arrow Capitals is owned and operated by Max Success Ltd., which runs another unregulated Forex broker named Safe Holdings. Although the broker claims to be based in the UK and the Netherlands, we couldn't find any evidence of this claim. Instead, the broker's IP address originates from the Marshall Islands.
  6. Negative User Reviews — A quick online search will reveal numerous negative reviews from individuals who claim they were scammed by Arrow Capitals. One of the common complaints is that the platform is unreliable and users are unable to withdraw their funds. This is a significant red flag and should be taken into consideration.

Conclusion: Don't Get Fooled by Arrow Capitals

Considering all the points mentioned above, we urge you to exercise extreme caution when considering Arrow Capitals or any other unregulated Forex broker. Trading with an unregulated broker significantly increases the risk of fraud and can result in financial losses.

If you're considering trading in the Forex market, we recommend only doing so with a regulated and reputable broker. Doing so will ensure that you're protected under regulatory guidelines and have access to measures like deposit insurance, oversight by reputable regulatory bodies, and help if something goes wrong.

As for Arrow Capitals, we conclude that this broker is another addition to the list of Forex scams and thus is NOT SAFE.


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